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It’s the Little Things…

I am finding that the little things I do to help me stay happy are so incredibly important for my mental health. My goal today is to set specific days and times to write something. Anything. Whether it be a blog post (short or long) or a little blurb in one of my many writing… Continue reading It’s the Little Things…

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A Summation of Undergrad

Lately I've been thinking more and more about school. I miss it. I'm actually thinking about grad school now (even if I have no idea what school, what program, what degree I want to go for). I think this is swimming it's way up to the surface because I am itching to learn. I miss… Continue reading A Summation of Undergrad

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I got a new Laptop! (in other words, I am going to try to write more)… then it gets serious.

Hi Hi Hi Hi. I finally upgraded to a new MacBook Pro. It's not an excuse for being consistently absent on my own blog... but it sure makes me want to be on my computer more. My MacBook Pro was already 6 years old, at least it lasted me throughout my undergrad career! I am… Continue reading I got a new Laptop! (in other words, I am going to try to write more)… then it gets serious.

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10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Besides the obvious, phone, husband, etc... Here's a list of things I feel like I can't do without:   Tweezers. My tweezermans to be exact. Even if I never had any wax or razors, I could always tweeze the hairiness away. It's a really expensive brand, but I swear by this one. Any other, just… Continue reading 10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Life Updates

Bringing in the New Year

Has anyone noticed my new blog layout? I worked hard on it, and eventually, Iʻm hoping to upgrade soon. Some changes I have made this year already is more writing, more reading, and more tidying. My writing hasn't been shown on my blog as proof, but I have written every day. I bought the Q… Continue reading Bringing in the New Year